The J&K Experience

What Sets Us Apart

  • Permits are pulled by J&K Roofing – NOT a subcontractor
  • Manufacturer certified and trained installers for every single job
  • Knowledgeable and experienced project managers who stay current on changes in the roofing industry through educational seminars and on-site training
  • Detailed proposals
  • Comprehensive safety program that exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Retention of exceptional installers that consistently produce safe and quality installations
  • Educated crews who follow manufacturer’s specifications, which will insure your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Worksites cleaned every day. We are conscientious while on your property.
  • Complete closeout package, which includes signed permit, warranty and a maintenance proposal

Navigating the Process


Contact Us

We inspect your roof and give you a free estimate for improvement or repair projects through an online form or just one phone call.


Initial Inspection

A project manager will come out and measure the specifics of your roof. We'll present you with options so there are no surprises down the line!



We'll review the options with you and put together an estimate after the measurement & damage detection. We'll answer any questions to determine if we are the right fit for your project.


Safety & Education

Protecting your home, family, and our roofers is our number one priority when we start a project. J&K Roofing is committed to creating a safe and risk-free construction site. We conduct routine safety training on products, installation, updates, nail patterns, and setting shingles. 

We have regular classes on OSHA standards and are certified to ensure maximum protection at each construction site. You can trust in our commitment to you and our workers to stay safe and protected throughout our projects.



There are rapid technological advancements everywhere you look, and the roofing business is no exception. We use drone footage, satellite technology, and digital contracts and quotes in addition to in-person inspections. This helps create a seamless and hassle-free experience while also allowing us the ease of retaining information on materials, colors, and more. Having this information readily available can save valuable time if another storm causes new damage and repairs need to be completed quickly. Our technology allows us to keep costs lower and keep on top of industry changes. You can trust that J&K Roofing has the expertise and technology to do the best work and provide the best service to each of our clients.

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